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About The Hello Workshop

Well hello! I’m Hailey, the girl boss behind The Hello Workshop - a small, home-based, design studio located in the leafy, eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 
I’m a perfectionist, a list maker, a day-dreamer, a sometimes ‘introvert’ and a wife. Oh yeah and I’m also a young, passionate designer. 
I have a long-winded ‘professional’ spiel at the very bottom of this page, however if you want to hear about why I create awesome designs from my home studio, in my pyjamas, with my cat, read on... 
The idea of starting my own business has been rattling around in my head since 2013 however The Hello Workshop was officially born in January 2015 when my first set of branded business cards arrived. 
The Hello Workshop is the answer to the ‘entrepreneurial itch’ I’ve always had. Working at many leading design studios over the years, has only strengthened my craving to ‘do my own thing’  and despite never 'feeling ready’... 2015 seemed like the ideal year to take the leap. 
Inspired by so many amazing ‘monochrome’ instagram accounts, The Hello Workshop’s debut range ‘Hello Monochrome’ is available to purchase from October 2015. Modern, minimal and very ‘on-trend’, each product from the range is completely insta-worthy and I really hope you fall in love with it, just as I have. 
The Hello Workshop works with a bunch of local suppliers and other small businesses. However, most of the time when I refer to ‘us’…  it’s just me and my cat (and occasionally my hubby when I can convince him to help me out with the tricky things like finances and tax). 
This really is just the beginning of The Hello Workshop so why don’t you follow me on Instagram or Facebook and join in on the ride. There’s guaranteed to be some highs and lows… but hey, that’s half the fun!

Hailey - x 

PS - The Hello Workshop also offers a ‘custom’ design service! So if there’s something in particular you’re after or you’d like to collaborate on an awesome project, get in touch!

More about Hailey...
Hailey is a young, passionate designer who had made her mark in the design industry before she’d even graduated. Shortlisted in many prestigious design competitions, Hailey also won The Design Institute of Australia’s - Graphic Design Graduate of the Year Award in 2011. 

She has quickly made a name for herself in the industry through roles at leading design studios such as kikki.K, agIdeas, Mustard Creative Media and one of Australia’s most esteemed design firms - Cato Brand Partners. 

In recent years, Hailey has been responsible for design and development at two leading Australian companies focusing on innovative and creative products for kids. Hailey excelled in these roles and has created many best-selling products for both companies.

Hailey proudly owns and operates The Hello Workshop which specialises in creative stationery and graphic design. Her extensive experience, attention to detail, trend awareness and love for design ensure The Hello Workshop products are not only unique but are also premium quality.